How to Keep Birds From Nesting Under Your Solar Equipment

Hire us to install solar panel bird deterrent in Glendale, AZ

Your solar panels are raised and tilted to maximize their sun exposure throughout the day. However, this leaves space for squirrels, birds and debris to get under the solar array. To protect your panels and prevent a fire hazard, reach out to Mesh Bro Enterprises to install a solar panel bird deterrent in Glendale, AZ.

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Discover 3 reasons to protect your panels

Wondering why you should install a protective mesh screen around your solar equipment? For starters, solar panel mesh can help you save money by:

  • Preventing expensive equipment damage
  • Extending the life span of your solar panels
  • Making sure your panels keep working effectively

This mesh will also allow the maximum amount of airflow under your solar arrays and prevent pests from turning your panels into a shelter.

For more information about our solar panel bird deterrent, contact a member of our staff today.